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Real Estate

Our real estate practice can assist with all aspects of a real estate acquisition from development financing to re-zoning, leasing and the sale of real estate. We represent lenders, borrowers, developers, equity investors and owners in complex transactions. We have counselled both lenders and borrowers in dealing with construction and take-out financings and find solutions when our clients encounter road bumps during the development process. We also advise real estate development and management companies, and businesses which own or lease real estate in the normal course of their businesses.

If you are a developer of real estate or a business that is looking to acquire or lease the space needed to allow your business to grow and expand, we can help you realize your vision. Come talk to us.

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Since 1969 Simmons da Silva LLP’s reputation is built on being astute problem solvers and for providing common sense solutions to legal issues confronting our clients. We work hands-on with all our clients.

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