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Justin Clark Attends Law Society’s 3rd Annual Articling & Beyond

By Justin Clark Justin Clark, Partner at Simmons, da Silva + Sinton LLP attended the Law Society’s 3rd Annual Articling and Beyond event, offering advice to young lawyers. Click on the below link, to see what Justin had to say regarding articling, networking and the entrepreneurial spirit that brings a lawyer success. [...]

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Land Title Fraud

Land Title Fraud  Sold! But Who Owned Your House When It Was Sold? Although not quite an epidemic, there have been a disturbing number of cases of land title fraud in Ontario. You should be aware of this crime as it could easily happen to you. The frightening fact is that the law [...]

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Bridge financing: A cushion between two homes

By Bob Love Selling one home to finance the purchase of another can be perilous if it is not thought out and planned carefully. The funds from the sale of your home are not available to be used until the sale transaction is closed and registered. In such a situation, a bridge loan may be [...]

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