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Corporate Litigation

Our litigators have the expertise to devise carefully crafted strategies for corporate entities so that they are free to navigate their core corporate objectives, when they have to deal with litigation arising out of disputes. We will ensure that they will understand your corporate goals and objectives, and only then strategize a customized course of action that meets your needs; the dispute may involve commercial transactions or agreements and contracts, or corporate relations that turn contentious, or those arising from allegations of noncompliance or negligence.

SDS LLP’s Corporate Litigation team has vast experience in domestic and global dispute resolution, both in and out of the courtroom. Disputes of this nature require the use of significant resources; time, money, and labour. Our Corporate Litigation team ensures that these resources are deployed effectively and efficiently, in order to minimize the cost to our clients. We have a solid reputation in the legal profession based on the results we have achieved for our clients. Our approach includes negotiated settlements, alternative dispute resolution processes and, of course, relief from the Courts.

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Since 1969 Simmons da Silva LLP’s reputation is built on being astute problem solvers and for providing common sense solutions to legal issues confronting our clients. We work hands-on with all our clients.

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