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Justin Clark Attends Law Society’s 3rd Annual Articling & Beyond Event

Justin Clark, Partner at Simmons, da Silva + Sinton LLP attended the Law Society’s 3rd Annual Articling and Beyond event, offering advice to young lawyers. Click on the below link, to see what Justin had to say regarding articling, networking and the entrepreneurial spirit that brings a lawyer success.

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Family Law Lawyer Career Opportunity Simmons, da Silva + Sinton LLP

Current Opportunities Family Law Associate (5+ years experience) The firm is looking for a family law associate with at least 5 years experience. The successful candidate must be committed to the practice of family law and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Courtroom experience is a must. Some experience in estate litigation while not required would be [...]

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How to protect your small business from a marital breakdown

Business owners who devote their lives to create a thriving business are ill prepared for family breakdown and divorce. When it comes, a reality in the modern world where approximately 50 per cent of marriages and common law relationships fail, the results can devastate a lifetime of hard work. You spend years or your whole [...]

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Discretionary Family Trusts & Family Law

By Howard S. Simmons, Puneet S. Kohli & Mahira Adeeb Is it possible to set up a discretionary family trust for estate and tax planning, and at the same time ensure its assets are excluded from family court litigation, and that it is protected from future claims by the spouses of the beneficiaries? It may [...]

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“The consequence of alienating children”

The court case of A.L. v. K. D. reported in the is a reminder to parents in conflict over children, how harsh and traumatic a court order can be. Custody of three children was taken away from their mother after she had conducted a 10-year campaign of alienating them from their father. [...]

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Do the Rules of Evidence Apply in Family Law?

By Mahira Adeeb At a time when privacy concerns are increasingly acquiring greater significance for individuals, it may be pertinent to examine how these concerns affect family law cases. There is conflicting case law on whether or not a family court will allow in evidence that is improperly or illegally obtained.  The law is clear [...]

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