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Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements

By Justin Clark Marriage Contracts (also known commonly as “pre-nups”) and Cohabitation Agreements are becoming increasingly common, particularly in cases involving second marriages. These agreements can be negotiated and completed prior to marriage or cohabitation or even after and during the relationship. Contrary to some misconceptions, these agreements can be prepared, negotiated, [...]

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Collaborative approach to separation and divorce

By Justin Clark Collaborative Family Law is a voluntary dispute resolution process that is worthy of strong consideration as the best option for resolving all issues flowing from the breakdown of a marriage or committed relationship. This creative interest based process offers separating couples an inter-disciplinary approach designed to reduce the stress [...]

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Separating? Selling your Matrimonial Home?

Step 1: CALL YOUR FAMILY LAW LAWYER! By: Justin Clark   Many people try to quickly sell their home in the aftermath of a separation. This is often motivated by a desire to avoid the tension that can exist and be created by continued joint cohabitation after a separation. It can also be [...]

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