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Dispute Resolution Team

Dispute Resolution

The litigators in the SDS LLP’s Dispute Resolution Group are experienced at handling diverse demands in dispute resolution, and in providing representation in all facets of litigation before all levels of the Canadian judicial system. Our litigators act as counselors, strategists and advocates for our clients’ businesses.

We have experience in dealing with all commercial disputes including banking matters, construction lien claims, bankruptcy and insolvency issues, negligence actions, wrongful dismissal, insurance claims, and many other areas. We have represented clients in courts and tribunals throughout Ontario at trial and appeal levels.

Clients benefit from the synergy between our litigators’ skills in procedure and advocacy, and the substantive expertise of our solicitors in the Business Law Group. This multi-disciplinary approach allows us to offer clients thoughtful and effective counseling both before proceedings commence and during the course of legal actions, and ensures that clients will receive the best comprehensive representation.

When your business is facing a dispute, we work first to help you evaluate possible options to avoid litigation, such as alternative dispute resolution. If that is not possible, we pursue your litigation in a manner that is consistent with your objectives. Along the way, we assist you in recognizing and identifying when apparent legal challenges actually create opportunities for you.

When dealing with disputes, we adopt a holistic and well-rounded approach that focuses on risk mitigation. Our approach stems from the deep knowledge of a number of industry sectors. Our litigators develop dispute resolution strategies only after thoroughly understanding our clients’ specific situations, including the nature of their business and their individual circumstances.

We work quickly and efficiently to evaluate and discuss our clients’ best options in a cost effective and timely manner. We leverage our resources to our clients’ advantage and ensure that we communicate with our clients at every step of the way. For large, document-intensive cases, the Group integrates paralegal support, superior document management tools, and an e-discovery team with a project management approach to manage large matters in a timely and cost efficient manner.

An illustrative list of business disputes in which our Dispute Resolution Group can assist you includes:

  • breach of contract;
  • tort;
  • oppression remedy litigation;
  • shareholder and partnership disputes;
  • real estate litigation;
  • commercial leasing;
  • construction lien;
  • extraordinary equitable remedies i.e. anton piller and mareva injunctions;
  • directors’ and officers’ liability;
  • civil fraud;
  • cheque kiting;
  • solicitor and professional negligence;
  • guarantee actions;
  • vexatious litigant applications;
  • enforcement of foreign judgments;
  • mortgage fraud;
  • breach of trust/fiduciary duties;
  • coverage applications
  • arbitrations; and
  • franchise litigation

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