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Whistle while you work

By Noel da Silva Happy Days. Just like Fonzie, Richie and the rest of the Cunningham family on the 70’s sitcom Happy Days, it is great to go to work with a smile on your face, accomplish what your client wants and get paid to do it. This happened recently in a file in [...]

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How minority shareholders in Ontario can use the Courts

By Amrita Mann Minority shareholders in private Ontario companies are given substantial protection by the Ontario Business Corporations Act. In fact, one of the main purposes of the Act is to impose restrictions and limitations on private corporations and the people who control and govern them to protect minority shareholders and third parties. Let [...]

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Selling the Family Home after Separation

By Hannah Kazman Spouses frequently have differing opinions on what to do with the family home after separation. In particular, one spouse will often want to sell the family home while the other spouse wants to retain it. In the event spouses cannot agree and one spouse wants to put the house up for [...]

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The Defence of Failure to Understand and Other Reasons for ILA

By Bruce Duggan Independent Legal Advice One of the most frequent questions/irritants Borrowers raise/experience in a commercial transaction is the requirement for their spouse to obtain independent legal advice. Typically, the complaint is that the spouse knows that what they are signing is a guarantee and that it is an inconvenient and needless expense [...]

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Collaborative Practice works

There are a few thousand Canadian families who embraced Collaborative Practice as a dispute resolution process with excellent results. By Noel da SIlva Heads up! Did you see the article in the July 2017 edition of Canadian Lawyer? In case you did not, here is my brief takeaway. No, not the article on [...]

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Heads Up

By Noel N. da Silva Heads up! Did you see the article in the July 2017 edition of Canadian Lawyer? In case you did not, here is my brief takeaway. No, not the article on marijuana in the workplace, but the one titled “Collaborative Practice Comes Into Its Own.” It chronicles how Collaborative Practice [...]

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Is your client ready for divorce?

By Noel da Silva Peel / Halton Collaborative Practice met for its annual 2-day retreat at the Hockley Valley Resort on Friday, December 1 and Saturday, December 2, 2017. There were about 20 lawyers, family professionals and financial professionals who attended. There were four last minute regrets from members who had formally registered. It [...]

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Acknowledging Fear

By Noel da Silva There is no getting around the role that fear plays in reparation and divorce. Every front line professional whether they are Family Health Professionals, Financial Professionals, Coaches or Lawyers, can attest to this. The fear factor! There are many sources of fear. Fear can include fear of the unknown. [...]

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Constructive role and relationship

By Noel da Silva Cooperating with the Children’s Aid Society is the best course of action for relatives and the child, says Noel da Silva, in a brief analysis of the role of the agency People have said in reference to almost any government agency that becomes involved in a legal matter, especially [...]

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Dealing with digital assets

By Howard Simmons The use of the computer and sites is rapidly changing. We need to be sure our families do not suffer after we are not here, says Howard Simmons while discussing the need to plan for digital assets David Reynolds is a proud grandfather and a keen photographer. He has [...]

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